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The core of your body is the originating center of all your body movements. It comprises the muscles of your trunk and pelvis, which include the oblique muscles, abdominal muscles, upper back muscles, lower body muscles and muscles in your pelvic area such as hip flexors.

These muscles work when you’re sitting upright, bending over, standing, walking and when performing torso-rotational movements. The muscles are also worked when you are performing physical activities and athletic movements, such as running.

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Why is the Core So Important?

A poor core makes you vulnerable to injury, pain in the lower back and poor posture. For this reason, core strengthening is vital for overall conditioning of your body. The following are the benefits of core strengthening.

1.Provides protection for your back due to the bracing effect of strengthening the core muscles.

2.Improves your performance during exercise and sports activities.

3.Stabilizes your center of gravity.

4.Improves posture and balance.

5.Provides core stability because your trunk becomes stronger.

6.Makes you less susceptible to back pain and other injuries.

7.Improves shape and can help you get the lean frame.


A few ways to strengthen your core:



Start with walking or jogging. If you’re not used to working out, start with a short jog, or walk a few times a week to strengthen the core. A couple of miles every week will prepare your core for more advanced exercises.

2. Body weight Core Exercises

Experiment with exercises like abdominal presses, bridge and sit-up variations. Basic sit-ups and crunches are quite easy; lay on you back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. With arms crossed over your chest, bring your chin up towards your pelvis as you straighten your abdominal muscles.

To perform abdominal press, lie on your back. Bring one or both knees to your chest using your ab muscles, and attempt to push them away with your hands.

3. Swimming

Swimming can help strengthen your core. A few laps at a pool is a great way to add core strength. Swim 20-30 minutes for a good overall workout; both cardiovascular and muscular.

4. Strength Training Exercises

Push-ups, pull-ups, squats and dips are great strength training exercises. Although they don’t directly target your core, these exercises are among the best core builders because they require core stabilization against your body’s entire weight.

Avoid stretching too or to the point of pain. If you have back problems, see a Raleigh chiropractor to help you deal with the problems.

4. Lift Weights

Use weight machines or lift free weights 2-3 times per week. You can start with light weights that you can easily perform 12 repetitions. With time, add the weight. If you can use free weights and dumbbells, they are more effective at building your core because of the body stabilization involved.

5. Play Sports

Play sports like tennis, soccer, baseball and racquetball. They are great core-builders. You can even play with a friend, it’s a great way to build core strength and still have fun.

These are just some of the benefits of having in maintaining a strong core. At Triangle Spine Center, your local Brier Creek chiropractor,  we are concerned about whole patient wellness, and having a strong core is part of that. Please call our office at 919.957.3600 and arrange for a consultation. We will evaluate your current health status, make sure your spine is properly aligned, and put together a series of exercises, designed specifically for you, to help you strengthen your core.


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