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Sometimes you wake up feeling very tired, and try as you might, you find it impossible to take pleasure in anything you do. It could start slowly with feelings of low incentive to tackle responsibilities. Over time it grows into a full-blown aversion to activity which ushers in depressive fatigue. The reasons for this state of affairs can range anywhere between lack of sleep and failure to relax to chronic diseases. Do not ignore fatigue at any point of your life, because it could usher in a very serious aftermath. Here we answer the question, ‘why am I so tired?’

Why am I so tired?

Why am I so tired?


1. Level of exercise

Interestingly people who do not exercise develop feelings of fatigue over time. The reason this happens is because at some point, they lose control over their body and it becomes difficult to prevent muscle-clamping rigidity. On the other hand exercising too long and too hard is another major factor in the whole fatigue issue. Studies show that those who finish up exercises less than three hours before going to bed complain about feelings of tiredness in the course of the night and the following day.

2. Lack of adequate Sleep

Doctors recommend regular sleeping patterns for everyone. When you time your sleeping hours right, your body becomes accustomed to them and copes with the timelines involved. However, if you have inconsistent patterns, too much caffeine and a noisy sleeping environment, you will not enjoy the peace, calm and relaxation that comes with adequate rest.

3. Misalignment of the spinal column

For your body to be able to distribute energy all around, it needs a balance between the hips, the pelvis and the sacral regions. However, situations involving heavy pulling of loads- or in some cases simply sitting or standing in the same position for long stretches of time -could cause the misalignment of these parts. Over time it becomes a problem because your energy goes to waste and the body strives too hard to make up for the lack of balance.

4. The food you eat

People who take a lot of caffeine and sugar are more likely to experience feelings of fatigue than the rest of the population. A good idea would be to go for foods that have a lot of lean protein in their constitution. In addition to that, fruits and vegetables always add to the level of fluid and vitamin in your body setting up the perfect stage for energy balance.

How a chiropractor in Raleigh can help

Chiropractors have the skill to correct any distortion in your body parts responsible for fatigue. They have a unique understanding of how the different planes of the body align to each other and how a balance can be achieved by concentrating on the bridge between the physical and the mental. Reaching out to Raleigh chiropractor is the best way to end all those feelings of lethargy in your body.

Fatigue has the effect of reducing physical and mental activity, which in turn affects the performance of an individual. Unchecked fatigue could be a recipe for disaster because it tends to progress to chronic levels. Seeking the services of a Raleigh chiropractor is a good starting point in the fight for normalcy.


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