Can you get Back Pain from a Roller Coaster Ride?

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Each year, millions of people go to amusement parks around the world to eat exotic food, ride crazy rides and scream with excitement. The recent NC State Fair in Raleigh, North Carolina was a similar spectacle with hundreds of exciting rides and several roller coasters. Roller coaster rides can be extremely thrilling and fascinating, but they can also cause severe neck and back pain, trauma to the bones, ligaments, muscles and the other soft tissues. Roller coasters and other similar rides in the amusement park throw the body with a great force in different directions. This force can be quite hard on the lower back and neck of the human body. In some cases, neck pain treatment can almost become a must!

Amusement parks generally make it a point to inform people who have known neck and back problems to avoid roller coasters, but it is the duty of each person to observe precautions while riding rides and also consider the potential symptoms of injuries after the ride.

People with tense and sore muscles are likely to suffer injury even with milder rides. Strong, forceful and sudden movements in multiple directions can trigger muscle spasms. These can also aggravate existing joint pain in arthritis patients. A forward bend causes a natural forward flexion of the human spine and is accompanied with rotations and twisting from the sudden turns of the ride. These movements can lead to severe pain, mostly in people with a history of disc issues and problems. This pain is caused by the increased and constant pressure on the back side of the disc at a point where the spinal canal is located.

Injuries caused to the neck can be quite minor or extremely serious. A neck injury is particularly serious if there has been damage to the spinal cord. The injuries are caused by the sudden jerks of the head forward and backward. These jerks are known to cause whiplash (injury to the neck’s soft tissues). Sprains and strains in the neck area causes tearing and stretching of the ligaments, and neck pain can occur in a few hours or few days after the ride. The symptoms that accompany or precede the pain should never be ignored. These symptoms usually include a headache, severe dizziness or stiffness of the neck. In some rare and extreme cases, a symptom of depression can indicate the neck strain, and the symptoms can even last for months.

If you tend to suffer from any of the stated symptoms, it is important to see a chiropractor as quickly as possible. A chiropractor is trained to treat neuromuscular disorders by manually adjusting and working on the vertebrae protecting the spinal cord. So, if you find you are suffering from any soreness or pain in the neck or back after a trip to the fair, consult your chiropractor sooner than later to effectively treat the symptoms and avoid any further damage to the muscles, ligaments and tissues.

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