Did you know that regular stretching is just as important as regular exercise?   Stretching assists in correct posture by lengthening tight muscles that pull areas of the body away from their intended position.  Most of us spend a lot of time at our computers, which creates tight chest muscles.   This pulls the shoulders and head forward, leaving us with a hunched shoulder look.  So here are some stretches you can do to make sure you are not hunching over your computer today!


Fun Stretches brought to you by Triangle Spine Center

1)   Rita’s choice:  Lazy Stretch.  We are not sure what this is called, but it should be called the lazy stretch.  There is not much to it, but she swears by it.  You lie down on the ground.  Stretch your hands high as you can over your head and point your toes as far down as you can.  Hold this pose for 20 seconds.  Don’t forget to breathe!  Repeat 5 times.

2)   Sam’s Choice.  Partner Pull.  For this one you will need a friend.  Stand facing your partner about 6 inches apart.  Grab each other’s wrists, while both partners lean back.  Hold for 20 seconds.  Repeat 5 times.

3)   Franks Choice:  Tennis Ball.  Place a tennis ball on the wall.  Lean in on the ball in between your shoulder blades.  Next, roll on the tennis ball preferable where you’re having pain or tension.  (Tip:  use a tennis ball over other types of balls.  The grip on the ball makes it easier to keep it in place)

4)   Dr Cinnamon: Foam Roller.  With the foam roller placed in the middle of your back, clasp your hands behind your head and bring your elbows together.  Slowly begin to roll up to the top of your shoulder blades and down to the bottom of your rib cage.  Repeat process 5 times, keeping your neck and lower back from arching.

5)   Sully’s Choice:  The Crossing Guard.  Extend your arm out (like you’re a crossing guard stopping oncoming traffic)  Keeping your arm straight at the elbow, use your opposite hand to pull your fingers back until you feel a gentle stretch in the forearm.

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Auto Injury Treatments in Raleigh NC

Your life has been changed since your Raleigh auto injury. We understand that an auto accident can cause pain and hardship.  Our goal is to help ease your pain, regain your mobility, and help you recover.  We pay special attention to injuries unique to car accidents such as whiplashback painneck pain, and headache.  Let us help you get the care you deserve to heal properly as a result of an auto accident injury.

whiplash injury

Did you know that most auto accident injuries are not detected for months or even years?  Most auto accident victims are unaware of hidden injuries because the pain is masked by medications.  Sadly, most doctors don’t even have the training to detect soft tissue injuries, so they prescribe drugs to cover up your symptoms.  Insurance companies win because they get released from liability by requesting that victims settle their cases before they even get checked for soft tissue injuries!  Soft Tissue Injury SYMPTOMS include, muscle stiffness, neck pain, numbness and tingling into arms or legs, low back pain, fatigue, muscle spasms, headache, mid-back pain, difficulty sleeping, sore, achy muscles, whiplash, difficulty concentrating.  **Improper healing of soft tissue injuries can cause arthritis and long-term pain.

** Don’t settle with your insurance company until your injuries have been thoroughly documented and treated. AUTO INSURANCE PAYS FOR YOUR TREATMENT.  Cost for care can be covered by insurance or upon settlement of the claim. And, you have the right to choose the doctor you want to treat your Raleigh auto injury.  Get the medical attention you deserve by law.  See a specialist that understands your injuries and the best way to treat them. Read more about our chiropractic treatment for auto accident injury,


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