Spinal Adjustments – The Benefits Supported By Researchers

Back and Neck pain slow you down!

Chiropractic care has become very common in recent years. If you’ve never visited a chiropractor’s office before, chances are that you are a bit skeptical about the spinal adjustment. One of the best things about spinal manipulations is that they are surgery and drug free. So you don’t have to worry about long recovery periods or side effects. The path to healing is natural. Here are some of the benefits of spinal adjustments supported by many researchers.

Offers pain relief

If you are suffering from spine-related pain, chiropractic manipulations can help to provide some relief. The series of adjustments are known to speed up pain relief. In fact, some patients are found to feel better immediately after a session is done. They have reported that the spinal adjustments made the pain to go away faster than when using other forms of treatment.

Restore joint and muscle movement

Spinal adjustments can be very effective for individuals who suffer from arthritis and other conditions that stiffen the joints. This is because the manipulations are known to ease the joints and muscles. The muscles are able to relax making it possible for the patient to walk and enjoy flexibility.

Boost normal body function

The good thing with spinal manipulations is that they tend to not only focus on the pain area but also overall optimum health. When spinal adjustments are done, your body restores its normal function. What happens is that you get to move more efficiently because your muscles have become stronger. Raleigh chiropractic care can help to improve blood circulation and boost overall health.

Reduce stress

It’s hard to enjoy life when you are in pain. That’s why people who suffer from serious back pain, arthritis and joint pain are more prone to stress related illnesses. Spinal manipulations work on your body and mind. Discomfort that is caused by joint stiffness can lead to lack of sleep. Chiropractic care can help to resolve all these issues by helping the body to relax and therefore reducing stress.

Efficient for new and old trauma

Most people assume that spinal adjustments are only done for patents who have been suffering from lower back pain and arthritis for many years. However, the adjustments can provide quick relief to those people who have experienced trauma such as a sprained ankle or shoulder. It offers a non-invasive treatment to conditions that affect your joints and muscles.

If you are currently experiencing recurring pain in any area of your back, chances are high that a visit to Triangle Spine Center here in Raleigh, NC will bring some immediate relief. Call us now!


Chiropractic Treatment for Arthritis

Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash

Neck-Pain-TreatmentChiropractors offer treatment for conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system through manipulation of the muscle and joints.  One common condition treated by chiropractors in Raleigh NC is whiplash. If you have been involved in an accident and experienced severe neck pain, you may have whiplash.  Whiplash refers to the damage of soft tissue such as tendons and ligaments in the neck area as a result of the sudden back and forth jerking motion of the head on impact. The forceful impact that causes the sudden movement of the head beyond the neck’s normal range of movement causes overstretching of the soft tissue, which leads to tearing. This explains the severe pain experienced.

A medical professional should always examine you after an accident. In case of severe pain in the neck, see a Chiropractor. Chiropractors do not use medication for treatment.  Instead, they use a series of carefully calculated manual adjustment techniques and chiropractic massage to reduce inflammation, restore proper joint function and promote healing. These chiropractic adjustments are performed through a series of sessions with the medical professional.  Chiropractic treatment is quite different from the kind of relaxation massage that you get from a spa. This is why you should always see a licensed professional for chiropractic treatment.

whiplash injuryWhiplash can also result from ergonomic challenges.  Doctors will not only perform muscle stimulation and relaxation, they can also advise on exercises and lifestyle changes that will help you recover and prevent whiplash in the future.

One commonly employed practice by chiropractors in the treatment of whiplash is the McKenzie exercises. These exercises are designed to reduce disc derangement, which is common in whiplash injuries. The movements are initially done at the chiropractor’s office. After a couple of sessions, you can transition to self-care at home. Performing fries exercises at home allow you to take an active role in your recovery process.  Other exercises that stabilize the faulty movement patterns of the spine can trigger your nervous system to better coordinate and control the movements of the head to avoid whiplash injuries.

In the long run, these exercises will improve your neck muscle ability to maintain stability of the head.

During treatment, chiropractors Raleigh NC may use the aid of chiropractic devices to promote healing. The neck brace for instance, reduces the motion and strain in the neck while recovering from whiplash. The chiropractor may advise on wearing a neck brace if there is severe scarring in the soft tissues.


Spinal Adjustments – The Benefits Supported By Researchers