Your Spinal Contour And Good Posture

Spinal contour

Either you are sitting, standing, working, sleeping or relaxing; your back spine is most comfortable in what is called a neutral posture. The neutral posture is a position about halfway between full bending and arching.

Your neutral back spine has three natural curves: the inward curve at the neck (cervical lordosis), the outward curve at the upper back (thoracic kyphosis), and finally the inward curve at the low back (lumbar lordosis).

The neutral spinal curves differ in shape from person to person. Neutral spinal curves can change for the better with exercise and training; And sometimes for the worse with injury, aging, poor posture habits or a disease.

The amount of curving in your spine when you are in a neutral posture determines your support needs. A spinal support product should be deep enough to support your particular curves without pushing beyond your neutralpostures. Meaning it should feel natural and not too arched; you should also feel supported; meaning there must not be a gap between you and the support.


Back and Neck pain slow you down!

Good posture

Time and again some people still have back pain while sitting with a back support. That is because there are three main components to back spinal pain: movement, load & Posture. Movement refers to the effect of excessive or inadequate motion on the body’s circulatory and neuro-musculo-skeletal system; Load is the weight one puts through ones back spine; Posture refers to the curve of the back spine.

Unfortunately not everybody can avoid back and neck symptoms by correcting their posture. Cushions can only improve one’s posture, not necessary take away all the pain.

If you show signs of any of the following symptoms, you might need more than good posture support from your spinal care product.

1) Impaired tolerance for upright postures (weight-bearing loss)

2) Inability to stay in one posture, even a good neutral posture, for prolonged periods of time (constrained postureintolerance)

3) Discomfort when furniture or supports come in contact with your body (pressure intolerance)

If a good posture can reduce or help you to control your back or neck symptoms, a trained product consultant can help you find the best product fit. If a good posture can not do that, you should talk to your health care practitioner or look for additional evaluation and assistance from a physical therapist. In some cases, a comprehensive fitting evaluation might be necessary.

If you are experiencing back pain in Brier Creek, take some time to reach out to Triangle Spine Center. The experienced staff at Triangle Spine Center is your Brier Creek area chiropractic specialists and will assist you on your path to back pain relief.


A Few Reasons to See a Chiropractor

Stretching – Ways to Avoid Injury and Keep in Shape

Most sports medicine professionals can all readily agree that those athletes who take the time to really care for their bodies experience far fewer sports injuries than those who act reckless with regard to their health. It is really important to remember exactly what a benefit stretching provides when you are trying to decide if spending time stretching is worth it. The exact benefits are almost limitless, however there are some specific benefits that virtually all athletes should experience.


Triangle Spine Center

Amongst the benefits of stretching there are the improvements to your circulations, range of motions, posture, overall performance and even your ability to relax after working out. However this is not all that stretching provides, it also helps you decrease the tension in muscles and can even assist in reducing overall joint stiffness that can occur after a work out. The overall benefit of stretching is possible to achieve in as little as 10 minutes before starting an actual workout, which makes it very easy to work into any routine that you are exploring.

By properly ensuring that you are stretching, you are not only providing the benefits to your body, but you are also able to reduce the number of times you are forced to go to the doctor over an injury. Most athletes would rather be playing their favorite sport rather than sitting in a doctor’s office being treated. However, while most athletes would prefer not to spend time being treated, it is still important to seek treatment for all injuries that occur rather than leaving them unattended.

With proper attention paid to stretching in addition to an appropriate exercise routine it is possible to greatly reduce the number of injuries that occur. While not all injuries can be avoided by stretching, it can help to reduce the severity of many injuries as well as reducing the overall number of injuries. It is highly important to work with a coach or other sports medicine professional to develop a routing for stretching that is most effective for your individual lifestyle as well as body type.


Triangle Spine Center

Especially important for athletes is discussing their workout habits and any previous injuries when selecting astretching routine. By carefully choosing the proper exercises and stretches it is possible to help protect against further injury, and really tailor the workout to your exact individual needs. However, just merely stretching to stretch can sometimes void the benefits if the stretches are not the proper type. For example, if you are a runner and focus more emphasis on stretching your arms you are going to see fewer benefits than someone who stretches their back as well as legs before actually running.

Deciding with your sports medicine team the appropriate exercises, number of repetitions and all other pertinent details of your stretching program also helps to ensure that your entire team knows exactly what you are doing, and can make modifications and adjustments based upon what you need as an individual, as well as what you need to improve your overall athletic ability. It is very important to carefully select exercises that are appropriate for your needs at the time of the warm up as well. This means specifically, if you have an injury to your hamstring muscle, you should give it some rest for a couple of days at a minimum.


Triangle Spine Center

This brings to light the importance of talking to your doctor and learning to listen to your body. If you feel as if the stretches you are doing cause you more harm than they help, it is time to rework your routine and change how you are treating your body. Remember, changing the types of stretches that you do is perfectly acceptable especially when you are healing from an injury. Working to keep your body in the best overall condition possible is your ultimate goal and working towards that goal often means having to make adjustments to a routine, often at the last minute.

Need a Durham chiropractor to assist with a sports related injury, back, neck, shoulder pain, or any other accident related injury? Take the short drive over to the chiropractic specialists at Triangle Spine Center for the best chiropractic care in the Triangle area.


Your Spinal Contour And Good Posture

Stop Confusing A Migraine With A Headache

In the US alone, thousands of people suffer from mild to severe case of migraine attacks. Migraine, which is a known neurological disease, may most likely develop from a simple everyday nuisance to a serious life-threatening experience. Many people just suffer through migraines and do not realize their are remedies readily available. Migraine sufferers in the Raleigh area should contact the experts at Triangle Spine Center for a consultation. There are a number of recognized causes of migraine. According to experts, migraine may be triggered by the following factors:
1.Loud noises and bright lights
2.Abrupt changes in sleeping patterns
3.Too much consumption of caffeine and alcohol
4.Fluctuations in menstrual cycle
5.Too much smoking
6.Allergic reactions
7.Emotional and physical stress
8.Changes in weather


Triangle Spine Center


However, there are times when a migraine occurs for no reason at all. With this, experts presuppose that migraine triggers most when one is exposed to a number of environment-related factors. Doctors always advise their patients to keep a note of their headache and migraine attacks, thus, making it easier for them to identify which factors commonly trigger the painful attacks. This will also help patients differentiate simple headaches from serious migraine condition. Many people often falsely refer to a headache as migraine. The truth is that migraine is not just a headache. Unlike the simple headache that can be easily cured by taking medications, migraine requires consultation to a neurologist followed by a series of treatment. Majority of the recommended treatments, however, are not entirely effective.

Differentiate migraine from headache: Know the indicators. As stated earlier, many individuals confuse migraine from a bad headache. To know if what you have is already a serious migraine condition, the following are the three indicators to consider:
1.A feeling of nausea
It is no longer a mere headache if you constantly feel nauseated. Most of the time you will feel a wave of nausea, but sometimes it goes with vomiting. Changes in body temperature coincides with this condition.

2.Unbearable pain
Another indication of migraine is the re-occurring pain on either the left or right side of the brain. The pain often starts in the eyes then goes down to the neck.

3.Visual defects
You will know if it is already a serious case of migraine when you are experiencing visual disturbances. If your eyes become overly sensitive to light; you often see flashing lights before you; or you somehow develop temporary blindness, now is the time for you to visit a neurologist to confirm your condition.

The professional team at Triangle Spine Center in Raleigh, NC is looking forward to assisting you. We will do our very best to understand the source of your migraine and start a suitable treatment plan to help you solve it. We care about your well being, so contact us now so as to start living a migraine free life again. Contact us today for an appointment!


Relief from Neck Pains Which Arise Due to Long Hours of Sitting In Front Of a Computer

These days every third person has a job in which a computer or a laptop is a must, especially more so for those of us living in the tech-savvy Triangle area. This has helped millions of companies to achieve great productivity, but at the same time workers often keep complaining about pain in their neck and shoulders. In this scenario, it becomes vital to perform some exercises for neck & shoulder muscles. There are some really easy, less time consuming and effective stretching exercises for your neck & shoulder that can help a great deal in relieving stress pain in your neck and shoulder.


Triangle Spine Center

To start with your neck, the below exercises will surely help you to forget the phrase – Pain in the neck.
• You can either sit or stand with your arms resting on the side and then turn your head on one side. Hold this position for 30-45 seconds and then rotate your head towards the other side. Do about 8-10 reps on each side.
• Another good stretching exercise for your neck, in which you have to move your head up and down. As you raise your neck from the down position (position I which you will be seeing the floor), gradually let it go up and then slightly turn it backwards such that you can see the ceiling of your room. Do about 8-10 repetitions. Instantly you will get relief from your neck pain.
• Another useful neck stretch consists of tilting your head towards your shoulder. Now move your head from one shoulder to the other and do it for about 8-10 times.

When you are suffering from a pain in your neck, you are bound to have some pain in your shoulder muscles also, even if not, why not relieve the tension from your shoulder muscles also. Follow these basic shoulder stretching exercises for which you just need to dedicate 10 minutes.
• Shoulder Rolls – Roll your shoulders in a circular motion, slowly and gently. Repeat in the same in the opposite direction.
• Shrugs – Elevate both shoulders and hold them for 15 seconds. Relax. Breath out and leave them free. Repeat it for 10 times.
• Side Stretch – Both hands upwards , fingers facing the sky. Clasp hands together. Slowly, lean to one side and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat the same on the opposite side. Repeat this stretching for 10 times on each side.
Now, aren’t you feeling good, energetic and didn’t you realize that your neck pain has subsided or completely gone away. Its fun to stay fit. If you find that you have more persistent pain please talk to the team at Triangle Spine Center. The Raleigh neck pain specialist at TSC will asses your concerns and put you on a path to neck pain relief. They will be able to identify the source of the pain and put you on a treatment plan toward health and happiness. For lots more on stretching, fitness, yoga, diet, therapy, treatment, and meditation check our blog out  right away.


Stop Confusing A Migraine With A Headache

Remembering Bicycle Safety

Bicycle safety is a very important part of riding a bicycle. People ride bikes for many reasons including recreation and relaxation, for exercise, muscle toning, and weight loss, charity bike-a-thons, wine tours, bicycle races and many more! Cycling is a great activity to enjoy in and around the Triangle area.

Triangle Spine Center

Riding a bike can be such a rewarding experience, but proper bicycle safety is a must! The following paragraphs will discuss bicycle safety, as well as how it applies to different aspects of bicycle riding.

A person who wears a protective helmet to guard their head understand is very important when you are riding a bike. It is very easy to injure your head or brain if you are involved in a bicycle accident, fall off of your bike, or lose your balance while riding. By wearing a protective helmet, you are taking steps in the right direction to guard your head and brain from possible injury due to accident. Some examples of when a protective helmet is absolutely necessary include when a child rides a bike, when an inexperienced cyclist rides a bike, bike-a-thons, bike races and mountain biking.

Knowing you are protected can boost your confidence level, and make your bike riding experience more enjoyable.

In addition to wearing a protective helmet, there are instances when you may also want to wear protective pads when riding a bicycle. For example, when a child is first learning to ride a bike, they will often take spills. In order to prevent knee and elbow abrasions, there are knee and elbow pads available to wear while learning. This protective gear plays a very important role in bicycle safety, and not just for bike riding beginners.

During bike races it can be important to not only wear a protective helmet, but to also wear protective padding available for adult cyclists. Very often during bike races, cyclists will be involved in accidents and sustain injury. By wearing protective elbow and knee pads, a cyclist is decreasing his or her chance of serious injury in case this should happen.

In the unfortunate event that you do sustain a bicycle related injury, contact the professionals at Triangle Spine Center for a full assessment. You may not feel any serious pain during the initial period following the accident, but the team at Triangle Spine Center will be able to detect soft tissue damage and low impact injury that may not be immediately apparent.


Triangle Spine Center

No matter what reason you are drawn to get on a bike, knowing proper bicycle safety can help prevent serious injury. It is very easy to have an accident on a bicycle, and wearing the proper safety gear can help protect you in case of an accident. Any time a person who rides a bicycle they must first consider wearing all of the proper protective and safety gear.

Cycling is a very physical activity, and even the most fit of cyclist may find it necessary to get a medical massage. A medical massage in Brier Creek is just a quick call away. Schedule an appointment, get ready for that next ride, and remember always practice safe cycling.


Relief from Neck Pains Which Arise Due to Long Hours of Sitting In Front Of a Computer

6 Things to do if involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents have a reputation for being some of the deadliest. Motorcycles offer little protection to riders in the event of an accident; therefore the injuries are often severe requiring long recovery periods. If you are a Raleigh area resident and have been involved or injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the specialists at Triangle Spine Center.


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Usually, motorcycle accidents are not the biker’s fault. Due to the size difference between a motorcycle and passenger vehicle, motorcycles are harder to see and are frequently lost in the passenger vehicle’s “blind spot.” Due to this fact biker’s are often sideswiped by vehicles that simply did not see them.

Some shocking statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that motorcyclists are 32 times more likely to die in an accident than passenger vehicle occupants, and 6 times more likely to suffer injuries. It is important to remember that biker’s are entitled to compensation for injuries due to someone else’s negligence as well as passenger vehicle drivers.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident it is important to remember the following things:
1. Report the accident to police. The police report is helpful to your auto accident injury lawyer in determining fault.
2. Record the names and statements of witnesses to your accident. Take pictures and record any unusual circumstances or whether that may have contributed to the accident. This will be especially useful should your case go to court.
3. Do not speak with any insurance agents or adjusters that may show up at the scene. This is an unscrupulous tactic sometimes used to get people to admit fault or say something that could hurt their claim.
4. Call your insurance company to report the accident. Do not speak with the other party’s insurance carrier. Let your motorcycle accident injury lawyer deal with them.
5. Even if you feel you haven’t sustained a serious injury, it is a good idea to get checked out by a physician. Some brain injuries do not show up right away and insurance companies may be reluctant to pay for an injury later on. Many physicians do not have the training to detect low impact or soft tissue damage. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible to have a full assessment provided by the Triangle Spine Center specialists.
6. Contact a motorcycle accident injury lawyer as soon as possible.

With more and more congestion clogging our Triangle area roads, motorcycles will unfortunately continue to be involved in accidents. If you find yourself in a motorcycle accident or have suffered one in the past, let the professional team at Triangle Spine Center help assess and treat your injuries and improve your health and wellbeing.


Remembering Bicycle Safety

Whip It Good: Car Accidents and Your Spine

Among the different causes of injuries among children and adults, car accidents have been reported as one of the top causes. It accounts for 55% of spinal injury cases in the US. Injuries suffered during an automobile accident can cause discomfort and pain throughout the remainder of a person’s life if left untreated. The Triangle Spine Center specialize in low impact and soft tissue damage treatment associated with automobile accidents and can help you quickly get back on the road to recovery.

What kinds of injuries can I get from car accidents?


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Car accident injuries affect different parts of the body. The most commonly affected are the head, neck and spine, and at time some other organs of the body. But car accidents also frequently affect internal organs, and upper and lower limbs. The three most common injuries would be the whiplash, traumatic brain injury, and back injury.

Whiplash. The most common type of car accident back injury is the whiplash. It accounts for more than one million car accident back injuries each year. Ten percent of these car accident back injuries lead to long term disability. This type of car accident back injury occurs most often during rear end collisions and can also when the car strikes an immobile object or gets hit broad-side by another vehicle. Whiplash happens when the head is violently jogged forward and backward upon impact of the car. This may cause severe damage to the joints, discs, muscles, nerves, and ligaments of the neck and is most serious when a victim’s head is turned to the side during impact. Symptoms of these car accident back injuries can include muscle spasms in the neck and upper back area, increased neck pain with movement, and increasing pain in the base of the neck.
Traumatic Brain Injury. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a really serious injury that may result in a car accident. This occurs when the external force of a car accident traumatizes the brain. It may lead to permanent or temporary impairment of the neurological functions. Skull fractures, bruises of the brain (hematoma), and nerve damage are often related to such brain injury. Brain injuries are more common in side impact car accidents than in rear end autoaccidents. Brain damage in a car accident is often related to the quick acceleration and deceleration of the brain, which causes injury to the point of impact and its opposite point.
Back Injuries. Thoracic disks and lumbar disks may also be injured in car accidents. Compression fractures may be caused in such accidents which can cause permanent disability. Also, herniations or bulges may cause spinal cord compression. Symptoms of spinal injuries include arm and/or leg weakness, paralysis, difficulty breathing, numbness, tingling, and abnormal bowel or bladder control. The back nerves, ligaments and muscles may also be traumatized by a car accident, causing pain and inflammation.
Internal Organ Damage. Internal injuries from a car accident may include injuries to bowels, kidneys, the spleen, liver, lungs, heart or aorta. Fractured ribs are quite common and may also puncture lungs and other internal organs. Torn spleens are also a frequent injury.
Upper and Lower Limbs. Car accidents may cause minor or severe fractures to your hands, forearms, arms, shoulders, wrists, fingers, hips, legs, knees, heels, ankles, and feet if the impact has caused sudden pressure to the bones.

How can we treat these injuries?
Any car accident injury, if not fatal, may be treated by constant therapy and proper medications. Disc injuries may require surgery to remove disc material fragments or spinal fusion. Prescriptive medications are often used initially but for continuing pain and inflammation, patients are sent to physical therapists or chiropractors to rehabilitate motor functions and relieve the pain. Therapy generally includes infrared heat, hot packs, paraffin bath, hydrotherapy, diathermy, cold packs, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, muscle strengthening, traction, massage, or acupuncture. Another common treatment is steroid injection. Severe injuries may require hospitalization.

These accidents can be avoided by observing proper driving etiquette and checking your car’s seatbelts for full functionality. In the end, being careful on the road is the best solution. Prevent yourself from getting into any car related accidents by keeping your eyes on the road, concentrating on your driving and always following driving safety precautions. If you do find yourself suffering from an automobile related injury, do not hesitate to contact the specialists at Triangle Spine Center for help.


6 Things to do if involved in a Motorcycle Accident

6 Tips for Avoiding Sports Injuries

While it is not possible to completely avoid all types of injuries, by taking some precautions, it is possible to greatly reduce your risk of injury. However, simply reducing the risk of injury is not a task that is always easy to handle. Triangle Spine Center would like to offer some precautions to utilize as ways that you can avoid injuring yourself.


Triangle Spine Center

Tip 1. It is best to always ensure you are in the best physical shape possible before you begin playing a sport. Whether you are looking into tennis, football, baseball, or even basketball amongst the numerous sports available, it is best to be in shape. While playing sports will help get you into better shape physically, it is best to be in shape before beginning.

Tip 2. Ensure you know all of the rules and guidelines for the sport you are playing. Following the rules can help ensure that you can avoid injury resulting from playing inappropriately. In addition, make sure you play with others who follow the rules as well. If someone else breaks the rules while playing, it increases your risk of injury.

Tip 3. Always wear the appropriate safety equipment whenever playing sports. This should be applied regardless of playing a practice, scrimmage, tournament, or even just playing around with friends. The safety equipment exists for a reason and it is very important to help protect you from accidents and injuries. Without wearing the equipment, you are increasing your risk of being injured.

Tip 4. Do a through warm up before starting to play. If you are playing on a team, you should play on teams that ensure warm ups are done before the games start. This helps to stretch and slowly warm up your muscles and really reduces the risk of injuries. Skipping a warm up may seem like a great way to make up for running late for a game, but this is a huge risk to your safety.

Tip 5. If you are tired, sick or hurting do not play. If you play on a team ensure you tell the coach about any problems that you are experiencing and let them know you will not be playing. You should never agree to play when you are tired because it increases the risk of being injured since you are not fully alert. When you are sick, your body is always in a weakened condition and able to become injured much easier and finally when you are already in pain, you likely already have an injury of some form that needs some time to heal.

Tip 6. Ensure that you are getting enough rest. While the idea of playing your favorite sport 24/7 may seem like the greatest idea, it is vital that you get at least 8 hours of sleep a day as well as take frequent breaks to ensure you do not wear yourself out. While training is a vital aspect of sports, getting the necessary rest to allow your body time to heal and recover is just as important. By resting when necessary, you are ensuring that you will have a long and happy sports career whether you are simply playing for fun, playing for a team, or playing professionally.

Avoiding injuries is a very important consideration for athletes and by following the tips and suggestions mentioned above it should help to greatly improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury all at the same time. If you do find yourself suffering from a sports injury, contact the sports injury professionals at Triangle Spine Center. The team will work with you to design and implement a program to address your injury and put you on the road to recovery.


Whip It Good: Car Accidents and Your Spine

Back Pain Relief

osteoporosis-back-painThe number of people suffering from back pain is increasing every year at a very alarming rate. Some people experience back problems due to age, others as a result of an injury or lifestyle. Back pain can compromise the quality of life and sentence you to a life of pain medication. But there are other ways to experience relief from back pain in Raleigh NC.

Stay active

When you suffer from a condition like chronic back pain, it’s easy to find yourself moving less in order to avoid pain. However, this may do more harm than good. By staying active, you are able to strengthen your back muscles. Most physicians advise their patients to avoid more than 3 days of bed rest. You shouldn’t participate in any strenuous activity that can cause injury but don’t stay in bed the whole day. Move around and stay active.


Exercising everyday can go a long way in helping you cope with lower back pain. Don’t engage in any strenuous activity that will expose you to serious injuries. Instead, participate in mild forms of exercises like walking to keep your muscles active. When you walk, your body is forced to stay upright. Just make sure you avoid any motions or workouts that will cause pain.

Practice proper posture

It’s still not too late to maintain a good posture. Back pain is usually as a result of strain that has been building up for many years. It’s certainly going to take a while before you correct your posture and experience less pain but it’s worth it. Proper posture helps to take the pressure off the nerves and alleviate pain.

Avoid siting for long hours

If your work involves long hours of sitting next to a computer, you need to ensure you take short breaks in between. This allows you to stretch. Make sure you have the right chair at the office. A bad chair that doesn’t support your back can contribute to the back pain.

Wear the right shoes

The right footwear can really help to eliminate and prevent back pain. Shoes that are too high or too flat can actually cause back pain. Choose a medium sized heel that allows you to maintain an upright and neutral posture when walking. Avoid shoes that make you bend or interfere with your posture. The right shoes will go a long way in keeping the right amount of curvature in the back.

Chiropractic care at Triangle Spine provide a drug-free alternative to traditional health care methods, which often implement the use of medications that come with several harmful side effects and fail to address the root of the problem. Call us today!


6 Tips for Avoiding Sports Injuries

Why Message Therapy May Be Right For You

When we think about a massage, most of us immediately conjure up images of heavily scented and candlelit rooms at a spa resort that is a long drive away. We also think of the big price tag associated with these fancy treatments, and often forget the truly therapeutic aspects of a massage. Do you suffer from back and body pain? If so, please consider the following information. Triangle Spine Center is an easy drive for any Triangle resident and offer therapeutic massages for a fraction of what you would pay for a simple relaxing massage at a spa resort.


Triangle Spine Center


What should someone expect during a massage?

– The massage therapist will ask questions about what prompted you to get a massage.
– The massage therapist will want background information about your physical condition, medical history, lifestyle, stress levels and any painful areas.
– The massage therapist will ask what your health goals are and will discuss how massage may help you achieve those goals.
– During a one-on-one massage, you will be asked to remove clothing to your level of comfort. Clothing is not removed during “chair” massages.

Massage May Help Ease Your Pain

Millions of Americans are all too familiar with pain. There can be countless trips to the doctor, pain medications, sleepless nights and the burden of making it through the day while enduring pain.

Have you tried massage?

A recent survey by the American Hospital Association shows that nearly 82 percent of hospitals that use some form of complementary or alternative care use massage therapy, with 70 percent of those hospitals using massage for pain management and pain relief.

A consumer survey commissioned by the American Massage Therapy Association? (AMTA) reveals that more people than ever are seeking massage to manage and relieve pain. The survey shows that nearly half, 47 percent, of those polled have had a massage specifically for pain relief.

A 2003 survey of 1,998 massage clients showed that 63 percent believed massage therapy provided them greater pain relief than acupuncture, physical therapy or other bodywork.

Clinical research has shown massage therapy can:

– Be more effective for chronic back pain than other complementary therapies.
– Promote relaxation and alleviate the perception of pain and anxiety in cancer patients.
– Reduce post-traumatic headaches better than cold pack treatments.
– Lessen pain and muscle spasms in patients who have undergone heart bypass surgery when part of hospital-based surgery treatment.
– Stimulate the brain to produce endorphins.
– Improve confidence by encouraging patients to effectively cope with their pain.

If you have chronic pain, talk to your doctor about adding massage by a qualified massage therapist to your pain management program. The trained and qualified massage therapists of the Triangle Spine Center will be glad to assist you along your path of reducing the pain in your life.


Back Pain Relief