If your spine could talk

If your spine could talk, he’d have a few New Year’s resolutions of his own to share with you! If you’re resolving for a better quality of life, you may want to listen up and see what your spine has to say!

Your Spine’s Top 5 Resolutions for 2018

1. Stop Slouching. It drives me crazy when you sit hunched over a computer all day, it’s putting a cramp in my style (literally)! Get up and stretch at least once every hour. Promise me, you and I will feel a lot better at the end of the day.

2. Exercise and Stretch. Yeah, we all know this is on your list this year too, but when it’s Day 5 and you feel like quitting, think of me! I need you to build strong muscles to help support me. I also need you to stretch so I’m strong and limber. Go head to the gym, I’ll be right behind you, lol.

3. Drink More Water. Ok, I threw you an easy one! But water helps the elasticity and fluidity of my soft tissue and joints. In other words, if you don’t drink enough water, you’re going to feel older and weaker a whole lot faster. Keep a full water bottle with you all the time. In fact, drinking more water might help you drink less soda.

4. Sleep More. I know you’ll love me for this one! But staying up late, Facebooking and watching bad TV is not helping a spine out! Sleep! Why? Because I and the rest of your body need sleep to repair and relax. Do me a favor though, sleep on your side or your back (no whining!) When you sleep on your stomach it makes for a rather uncomfortable night for me. Sweet dreams!

5. Visit your favorite Chiropractor more often. Pretty please?! You and I both know how awesome we feel after visiting Triangle Spine Center. The chiropractors puts me right back where I need to be and I get along and work so much better with everyone else (ie, your nervous system, brain, stomach, etc.) when you get adjusted regularly. Here’s the number, 919-957-3600.

We can do this! Help a spine out, you know you need me!

Happy New Year!