Massage, like chiropractic, is based on the basic idea that the body has the ability to heal and regulate itself. Massage therapy mostly focuses on the muscle systems of the body. If muscles become imbalanced, shortened, or tightened, it can cause muscles on the opposing side of the body to become strained. This can cause pain, weakened circulation, and a multitude of other issues. Massage therapy stretches and softens the muscle groups to begin to correct the stress on the muscles.

When coupled with chiropractic care, massage therapy can address the sources of stress and pain to allow you to begin to achieve a happier and healthier life. Most patients that receive regular massage therapy tend to enjoy a faster and more complete recovery from pain. Another benefit of chiropractic care coupled with massage therapy is that patients are more relaxed before their chiropractic adjustment, so their spine tends to stay properly aligned longer because the muscle tension has been released and joints are less likely to pull themselves out of alignment again.