Work Injury Treatment

Key Areas of Concern in Chiropractic Work Injury Treatment

We all have different areas of occupation, and at the end of the day, the work we do exerts a certain level of pressure on our bodies. Manual activities tend to strain the back and the muscles in particular. Some physical jobs are very susceptible to stressing certain parts of the body to extremes. Sometimes, these actions can even require workers compensation care and treatments. The pressure exerted on your body by the activities you take part in everyday depends on the intensity of the activity. For example, someone who works out in the yard or at the dock is going to strain a lot harder than the cook or the man behind a computer. However, we should never make a mistake about it; any pressure placed on the body is a recipe for pain and trouble. Even minor activities like scribbling on paper can cause strain as long as they are done repeatedly.

Triangle Spine Center is quite familiar with chiropractic work injury treatment. In fact, all we do is nurse people injured at the workplace back to health by a combination of methods that have always proven true and effective. As chiropractic practitioners, we know the exact ramifications that face individuals who sit on their sprains and injuries. Over time, they grow weaker and the problems just keep growing. The capacity to work or even move around becomes diminished and minor strains become aggravated problems. Our aim has always been to help patients before their conditions deteriorate.

Our Take on Back Injuries

The most dangerous aspect of back injuries suffered in the work situation is that they affect a raft of body parts. The ripple effect of a single sprain is felt all through the back, and this intensifies the pain for the patient. Strains are a particularly big problem because they always seem like they will go right over and out of our bodies. The problem is that they stay. As additional pressure piles, the patient’s ability to handle tasks become decreased and other medical complications start cropping up. Disc problems can also compromise your ability to function.

chiropractic for kidsWhen it comes to back injuries, we help our clients overcome the situations that lead to sprains and strains. More importantly, we tackle your concerns before they become aggravated. We have a series of programs whose intention is to manage misaligned discs so that they never cause problems in the future. We focus on the back because it is a very important area of the body. Just think of all the muscles located there. Consider the vertebra and the spinal cord. All these are crucial parts of the body without whose function humans cannot survive. It is therefore important that they be protected and taken care of at all times.

What we Think about Neck Injuries

Chiropractic work injury treatment procedures consider the neck as a vulnerable area of the body. Think about all the times you have had to crane your neck at work. Consider all those moments when you had to keep your head focused on a computer monitor, putting pressure on your neck. All these incidences are dangerous and can have serious ramifications if not checked by a qualified chiropractor. Always keep in mind that work does not have to come at the expense of your health. Our chiropractic physicians know everything there is about neck problems and we will always help you handle them.

How we Deal with Joint Pain

Joints connect the mobile parts of your body. In a nutshell, without your joints, you will find it horribly painful to even simulate mobility. Unfortunately, too much pressure on joints and tendons can cause pain in most joined areas of the body-and there are many. The tricky bit about this kind of pain is that you never see it coming. Your body will soak up all the pressure at first but in the end, the results are scary. Our chiropractors like to handle issues related with joint pain before they spiral out of control.

Helping you Back to your Feet

Triangle Spine Center manual therapies are designed to help you regain complete mobility in aggravated situations. We also rehabilitate soft tissue so that your mobile functionality returns in full. In some situations, homecare programs are afforded, but this largely depends on the situation at hand and the interests of our client.

A chiropractic work injury treatment procedure is always important for all of us. Even the least intensive jobs take their toll on us. The only way you can ensure perfect muscle and joint health is by making regular visits to professional chiropractors.

Triangle Spine Center offers quality chiropractic services in North Carolina. We have the experience, the skills and the right equipment to handle your aches and pains.We also specialize in sports injuries in NC, arthritis, neck and back pain, migraine treatments and so much more.

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