June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

Seven out of every ten Americans will have a headache this year.  What causes headaches? What can you do to minimize the pain or even eliminate the cause? 

Primary Headaches are not related to an underlying disease process such as stroke, cancer, drug reactions, etc.  There are three main types: Migraine, Tension, and Cluster.  Secondary Headaches are caused by life-threatening and non-life-threatening underlying diseases.  Secondary Headaches include infections, tumors, vascular (including aneurysm), drug-induced, or idiopathic (cause unknown).  

Headaches are not the result of an aspirin shortage in the body!
A recent report on headaches reported that collectively in the United States alone, we consume 3.8 tons of aspirin each year at a cost of over $100,000,000Can headaches be treated or managed without drugs?  For most people the answer is yes.  Many people find relief from headaches, even migraines, through chiropractic care.  Up to 50% of headaches may have a portion of their origin in the neck.  Neck-based headaches are technically called cervicogenic.  By manipulating the tissues and bones of the neck, doctors of chiropractic can decrease irritation to tissues that cause headaches and the effect is powerful enough to rival or even out-perform many medications, without medication-induced Rebound Headaches.  

A 1995 study compared neck adjustments as commonly performed by doctors of chiropractic to the drug Amitriptyline, a pill used to treat headache as well as depression. The study concluded that not only were neck adjustments an effective treatment for tension headaches, but the effects tended to last longer and decreased need for over-the-counter medication.

Remember Chiropractic First, Drugs Second, and Surgery is always the last resort.

Christmas and Chiropractic

Christmas is a busy time of year with many extra things to do, extra demands on your time. Your body comes under extra stress and pressure. People feel loss more at this time of year and getting an extended family together can be an occasion for anxiety and friction. As families splinter in pursuit of travel, education and career, the opportunities for families to get together regularly are, on average, dwindling and the pressure to enjoy each other’s company on the rare occasions when families do re-unite, can cause extra stress.

We have discussed what happens to the body during times of stress – it affects the nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for coordinating every cell, tissue, muscle, gland, organ and system in the entire body. Who cares for the nervous system?? Your Chiropractor does! Make sure you don’t neglect your spinal adjustments at this time of year – it will help you to have a Happy, Healthy Christmas and New Year – but please use the front door – not the chimney!!

Fall Into Better Health With Chiropractic

Fall is my favorite season of the year, for many reasons (one being cooler weather). However, our health tends to be put on the back burner when the colder weather begins; combine that with the stress that the upcoming holidays can bring and we have hurricane season. With that in mind, here are 6 ways to stay motivated and maintain your health routine this fall.
• Set Goals and Limits – If goals are excessively restrictive or vague, you will be less likely to rise to the challenge. Establish clear nutrition and health goals (dessert two times a week; a half-hour walk five times a week, etc.). Consistency is key to success with anything in life but especially when it comes to your health.
• Your Daily Game Plan – Make your daily routine habitual and try to keep things at the same time each day. Keep up with your workouts and chiropractic adjustments, and develop a consistent routine for healthy eating. Once you experience how great your body is designed to feel and function – you will feel sluggish and unsettled if you start missing your adjustments, workouts or eating unhealthy – which in itself is a strong incentive to get back on track.
• Fall Superfoods – Eating seasonal fruits and veggies ensures your produce will be less expensive, more nutritious & definitely taste better – which in turn means you’ll be likely to eat more of these healthy foods. Summer may be ending, but with fall superfoods like pumpkins, apples and Brussels sprouts ripening now, eating in season can be just as healthy now.
• Boost Your Immune System – Unfortunately for some, back to school time can also mean getting sick time. To help avoid that this fall, be sure to follow these simple tips: limit your sugar intake, eat simply and nutritiously, get regular adjustments, and boost up your supplements we sell Nutri-West supplements in our office.
• Stay Hydrated – This is an easy one to follow in the summer, but come fall, you may not feel as parched. However, staying hydrated is still crucial to keeping your body running at its best.
• Keep Moving in the Cold – You don’t have to go outside to move more throughout the work day. Try fashioning a DIY standing desk or workstation, take meetings on the go or simply do a few laps around the office when you can as the weather cools.

How You Can Help Improve Your Back Health

While one of our primary goals for all of our Triangle Spine Center patients is to give you the best musculoskeletal health possible, the reality is that we can only do so much in the few minutes a week that we see you. This means that a bulk of the responsibility falls back on you and the behaviors you do or do not engage in that can ultimately affect your back health.

What types of behaviors?

• Paying attention to your posture. When you walk, stand, or sit with poor posture, you’re not only fatiguing your muscles as they work to keep you upright, but you also limit your mobility as your discs and joints fall out of line. One way to break this habit is to put a sticky note someplace where you will see it often, reminding you to sit or stand.
• Taking your vitamins. Certain vitamins and minerals can help improve the strength and stability of your spine. These include vitamin D and calcium; the two nutrients that help support your bones.
• Drinking enough water. When you’re born, your spinal discs are comprised of 80% water. This enables them to work as they should. Therefore, in order to keep them operating at maximum function, you want to make sure you drink enough water.
• Getting more active. If you tend to spend a lot of time sitting, you may notice the effects in your back due to the inactivity. Of course, the way to remedy this is to simply get more physical activity. Even if it’s not a standard exercise program, anything you can do to move around more can help.

All of these things, in addition to regular chiropractic treatments, can help you improve the health of your back. If you want more ideas, just ask us the next time you’re in our office! We’d love to help you get and stay back pain-free!

Arthritis & Chiropractic

The word Arthritis paints a picture in most people’s mind of an older person who is hobbling around and suffering from joint pain. It would more than likely surprise you to learn that Arthritis can affect you at any age. For many suffering with Arthritis, chiropractic care may be able to help to your joint pain behind you once and for all. The chiropractors at Triangle Spine Center have the expertise to identify and treat your Arthritis condition. They will take the time with you to explain to you the cause and help reduce the symptoms while helping to improve your overall health.

Spring & Chiropractic

Spring & Chiropractic

Now that the colder days of winter have pasted us by, it’s time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Sports can give you the much needed exercise that your body craves but after a winter off getting back into your activities may place a new strain on your body. A beautiful lawn and landscaping can give you enjoyment but also a new backache as well. If you are having any new aches or pains after getting more active during this spring please give us a call to discuss your treatment options. Most new injuries can be helped in one or two treatments if we can work on them soon enough. Stay active and healthy with regular chiropractic treatments.

Choosing a Great Chiropractor to Relieve Your Hip Pain


Here at Triangle Spine Center, we are focused on providing information and treatment that will improve you life and personal wellbeing. Whether you are a resident of Brier Creek or the greater Triangle area, we are here to help by providing tips on providing a great chiropractor to relieve your hip pain. If hip pain is a part of your everyday life, you can change this. Life doesn’t have to be a painful experience. In order to feel better, you’re going to have to put in the effort to find a skilled chiropractor in your area. Chiropractors are skilled at helping people with hip pain, as well as other disorders involving the spine, muscles and joints. Not every chiropractor, though, has the kind of ability you can count on. For that reason, you need to find the ones that stand out from the crowd. To choose the best chiropractor to ease your hip pain, stick to the following rules.


Pursue chiropractic care to reduce your hip pain

Pursue chiropractic care to reduce your hip pain

Always Visit the Office: Before choosing a chiropractor to treat your hip pain, you should always pay a preliminary visit to their place of business. You may begin your query by calling a chiropractic office, but remember that this is only a first step, as it doesn’t tell you important things about the office, staff or the chiropractor himself. You can tell a lot about how a business is run just by walking through the front doors and that’s why it’s so important to visit every single chiropractor’s office you can so that you can gauge which specialist is the right one for you. Here at Triangle Spine Center, new patients will also get a free thirty minute massage once you have scheduled your first appointment.

Seek Out Other Patients: If you can find some of the chiropractor’s prior patients, you can learn a lot about how effective he or she is at treating hip pain. You cannot, however, expect a chiropractor to hand over to you the contact information of other patients. Many of our patients have commented on Facebook and would love to share about their experience at Triangle Spine Center. Other patients can be reached at Twitter along with a wealth of information regarding chiropractic care.

This will therefore take some creativity on your part. You can ask people on an online forum or social networking site about a chiropractor, or you can talk to people in their waiting room. When you speak to previous and even current patients, you can get a great idea of how that particular chiropractor works, and if he’s good at relieving hip pain.

Visit Your Doctor: Even if you aren’t seeking your doctor’s medical advice in this instance, he or she may be able to refer you to a good chiropractor. Oftentimes doctors will refer patients to chiropractors’ offices and so you should see if your doctor has ever done that for one of his patients. The name of a great chiropractor might be in your doctor’s Rolodex. You could also expect a recommendation you could trust from your own doctor. So it’s a good idea to visit your doctor when you have hip pain, even if a chiropractor is your ultimate destination.

There are many chiropractors in the world but not all of them are created equal. Your search for a chiropractor who can successfully treat your hip pain will be much easier if you keep all these suggestions in mind. Here are Triangle Spine Center we pride ourselves on not only serving you with the upmost professionalism, but providing care and treatment that will better your life and relieve your hip pain.


The Numerous Benefits of a Chiropractor


Raleigh Brier Creek Chiropractic and Massage injury and auto accident.

A Few Reasons to See a Chiropractor


Only a few things exist that are worst than back or neck pain. Many times the mystery deepens because the condition exists when there weren’t any known injuries. The thing that people don’t know about is the these days chiropractor services also include physical therapy treatments. These services, in addition to traditional chiropractic services have treated millions of people with positive outcomes. So we’ll continue to discuss all the many ways in which a chiropractor can help you.

Chiropractic treatment can result in a healthy and pain free life.

Chiropractic treatment can result in a healthy and pain free life.

The most vital thing to understand concerning your body is that joint and mechanical irregularities effect the adjoining areas including soft tissues like muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons. There is often a ripple effect when mechanical problems occur in our bodies. In reference to getting rid of muscle pain, chiropractic mobilization and manipulation have given a lot of great results. Many times the pain goes away, but it can be decreased as a result of treating the toxin build-up in the muscles. Other successful effects of this treatment are blood circulation improvement, which increases the flow of oxygen and other important nutrients in the body.

A lot of people still do not recognize the many ways that chiropractic treatment can help. There are conditions of the acute as well as chronic varieties. If an illness is properly diagnosed, the pain automatically disappears once the patient is treated. The chiropractor will usually want to do a series of visits where a manipulation involving the spine, neck, or other crucial areas is performed. Due to the fact manipulations or joint mobilization will aid with increased blood flow and other crucial circulating fluids, the patient will experience reduced healing time, reduced body tension, reduced muscle stiffness as well as spasms.

There are numerous conditions and reasons for the stiffening of joints such as the spine and neck and certainly other joints. For instance, arthritis, or wounds from a long time ago can cause a person to feel stiffness in various areas of the body. When it comes to the spine, a person might not be able to move correctly because a spinal disc may be degenerated and this is usually do to the person aging or a previous injury. Chiropractors merely have to adjust someone to usually cause them to feel whole once more. You should either get your issues checked out by your doctor or you should look into finding a chiropractor that has the proper qualifications.

Even though chiropractic medicine has been proven to help, many people still don’t use it. Maybe this is because many people just aren’t aware of its many attributes. A chiropractor has the ability to treat and eliminate your pain without doing surgery or giving you drugs, which is a wonderful reason that you should not ignore it. Here at Triangle Spine Center, we are focused on providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision on pursuing chiropractic treatment. If you are seeking a Raleigh NC chiropractor then give us a call today. Just look at what some of our clients are saying and feel free to follow us on Facebook as well.


Choosing a Great Chiropractor to Relieve Your Hip Pain


Raleigh Brier Creek Chiropractic and Massage injury and auto accident.

Spinal Adjustments – The Benefits Supported By Researchers

Back and Neck pain slow you down!

Chiropractic care has become very common in recent years. If you’ve never visited a chiropractor’s office before, chances are that you are a bit skeptical about the spinal adjustment. One of the best things about spinal manipulations is that they are surgery and drug free. So you don’t have to worry about long recovery periods or side effects. The path to healing is natural. Here are some of the benefits of spinal adjustments supported by many researchers.

Offers pain relief

If you are suffering from spine-related pain, chiropractic manipulations can help to provide some relief. The series of adjustments are known to speed up pain relief. In fact, some patients are found to feel better immediately after a session is done. They have reported that the spinal adjustments made the pain to go away faster than when using other forms of treatment.

Restore joint and muscle movement

Spinal adjustments can be very effective for individuals who suffer from arthritis and other conditions that stiffen the joints. This is because the manipulations are known to ease the joints and muscles. The muscles are able to relax making it possible for the patient to walk and enjoy flexibility.

Boost normal body function

The good thing with spinal manipulations is that they tend to not only focus on the pain area but also overall optimum health. When spinal adjustments are done, your body restores its normal function. What happens is that you get to move more efficiently because your muscles have become stronger. Raleigh chiropractic care can help to improve blood circulation and boost overall health.

Reduce stress

It’s hard to enjoy life when you are in pain. That’s why people who suffer from serious back pain, arthritis and joint pain are more prone to stress related illnesses. Spinal manipulations work on your body and mind. Discomfort that is caused by joint stiffness can lead to lack of sleep. Chiropractic care can help to resolve all these issues by helping the body to relax and therefore reducing stress.

Efficient for new and old trauma

Most people assume that spinal adjustments are only done for patents who have been suffering from lower back pain and arthritis for many years. However, the adjustments can provide quick relief to those people who have experienced trauma such as a sprained ankle or shoulder. It offers a non-invasive treatment to conditions that affect your joints and muscles.

If you are currently experiencing recurring pain in any area of your back, chances are high that a visit to Triangle Spine Center here in Raleigh, NC will bring some immediate relief. Call us now!


Chiropractic Treatment for Arthritis