The best place to go for your chiropractic, massage, acupuncture needs. Dr. Claudio is the best in town. She’s very knowledgeable and will educate you on all of your issues. She’s there to help you get back to normal. The staff is wonderful. I love this place. If your in need of a chiropractor call Triangle Spines today do not second guess call. Pick up the phone and call them today you will not regret that you did

Jackie Peppers Harris

I absolutely love Dr. Claudio!! She is amazing!! 

Logan Skye Heitzman

This place is great, Dr. Claudio is very professional and knowledgeable, my first week in her office has been nothing, but pleasurable (even though I was in pain), she also gave me hope that I will return as close to normal as possible. Mrs. Rita is also a great staff member she is always happy and she brought great energy when speaking with me. She also help me with getting a lawyer for my accident. The staff goes above and beyond to help you with your care.

Reese Nicole

Dr. Claudio is awesome! She is knowledgeable,easy to talk to, and a great adjuster! The facility is well decorated,clean, relaxing and has up -to -date equipment. I love the fact that massage therapy is available and easy to schedule. I definitively recommend Triangle Spine Center!! 

Nikki Harris

Dr. Cinnamon Claudio and the staff are kind, helpful and full of life. I leave their office feeling better ever time I visit

Karon Ford

After a few weeks of long runs and no stretching the inevitable happened… I strained my Achilles.  Forget running.  I couldn’t even walk for a few weeks.  On a whim, I called Triangle Spine Center to see if they could help.  Within minutes of Dr. Cinnamon Claudio adjusting my foot and performing an ultrasound on the affected area, I could walk!  After a few treatments with Dr. Claudio I am back to running.  She gave me plenty of tips to prevent reoccurring injury, taught me how to use Kineseo Tape and let me know I could call her at the office anytime if I experienced any pain.  5 Star Facility and Doctor!

Kelly Hermanson

Outstanding… Dr. Claudio and staff are awesome !!!!

Bryant Walker

 A special shout out to the staff at Triangle Spine Center; Frank for such a fantastic massage and getting all the kinks out and Dr. Cinnamon Claudio for getting the monkey off my back or my frienemy as she called it … LOL! Talk about knowledgeable – she knew my shoulder needed attention before I could tell her just based on her observation as she walked through the door mind you! Triangle Spine Center at Brier Creek in Raleigh Is the place to go for the BEST adjustment and massage in this area by far! I feel brand new! Can’t wait till my next appointment!

Iris Ramirez Reese

What a great experience.   Extremely professional office,  and they offer more than a typical chiropractic does.

Timothy Williams

Dr. C has made pregnancy so much less uncomfortable & more enjoyable. I don’t know what I’d do without her!


Awesome Chiropractor!! Love me some Dr. C. Helped alleviate terrible neck and shoulder pain!! Would highly recommend to anyone!! Give her office a try!!


I take my daughter there and Dr C is fabulous with her and she had helped her back out. We just love her.


My son loves Dr. C!!! He is a 15 yr old basketball player and she has educated him on his body and has helped tremendously with his issues. Thanks for all you do Dr. C 🙂


Allison (Dr. C) is truly the professional with heart. She’s highly referred to by clients and business associates. She goes above and beyond in the delivery of quality yet cost effective treatment. She treats all ages and has helped many expecting mothers through their pregnancies.

 I highly recommend that anyone who is in need of chiropractic treatment or maintenance seek her out. You will be truly appreciative and well taken care of.


Dr. C has taken care of my entire family. She resolved our issues quickly and gave us techniques we continue to use when needed. I have been to two other area chiropractors over a 3 year period with continuous care and expensive MRI tests. Allison resolved my issue within 3 months !! My husband thought he would have to have surgery on his hand but Dr. C. took care of him and he no longer feels that surgery is his only option. If you are looking for a chiropractor that can take care of you or your entire family look no further.


Allison is AWESOME! In the few times I’ve needed her to get me adjusted and realigned, she worked her therapeutic touch and had me muscle spasm free and pain free in no time. Allison is all about addressing the issue and getting it resolved so you can be on your way with as few visits as possible. Family First Chiropractic Center will put YOU first every time!

 Thank you Allison…


I worked with Dr. C for the past few years! She is an amazing doctor and a caring and compassionate individual. She will truly get to the root of your problem and work with you to make the changes you need to make to enjoy your best life!! She’s smart, sweet and I wouldn’t hesitate to put my own health in her hands or the health of my nieces and nephews! (or my own future children for that matter!)

 If you’re debating about seeing a chiropractor, debate no more! Go see Dr. C!


Dr. C is awesome, friendly and very caring. She listens intently to your voice and thoroughly explains everything as she treats you. She has been treating my upper back, shoulder, neck pain for a few months now and I’ve gone from locked trigger points and extremely tight muscles to being able to now enjoy my day. She allows you flexibility in your treatment appointments and is ALWAYS willing to alter your appts to better fit any unexpected occurrances in your day. She is AWESOME!! What a blessing she is to this community. I highly recommend that you give Allison a visit if you have pain anywhere on your body. She’s the best.


I have been a chiropractic patient for over 15 years now and I must say that Dr. C is one of the best practitioners I’ve ever seen ! Her understanding of body function and level of care is far and above any I’ve encountered. She has helped me with my carpal tunnel, rotator cuff , muscle adhesions , as well as , cervical spine issues. I have the highest regard for her as both a professional and an individual.


Dr. C is totally awesome! She helped my daughter with a sports injury and was much improved after only a couple of visits. Until I heard Dr. C speak at a local business meeting I did not know all the benefits of chiropractic care. She is honest, skilled and a wonderful person to be around!

 Dr. C, you totally rock!


Dr. C is caring and compassionate she puts the needs of her patients first and always goes above and beyond. If you are looking for fantastic care contact Dr. C!


We all love Dr. C!


Back Aches and neck pain from my job….Dr. Allison Chmielewski to the rescue! Try Family First Chiropractor if you want some relief. Dr. C is amazing!!