I used to tell people all the time that I’m the headache gal. That doesn’t mean I love headaches. I hate them just as much as anyone. I am a former headache sufferer, and those headaches were the main reason I became a healthcare professional. It’s the combination of my personal experience as a headache sufferer, and my professional experience with treating headaches naturally that make me the headache gal.

In the beginning, I didn’t know anything about headaches. I thought headaches were normal, and I didn’t mind downing Tylenol or Excedrin in an attempt to kill them. Eventually that stopped working. There weren’t enough over-the-counter drugs in the world to make my headaches go away. What is a person to do in that situation? What if you aren’t like most people, and you don’t want to fill your body full of pills? What do you do about your headaches then? Are there any good options? You are in luck.

Most headaches DO respond very well to conservative treatment if you know what you are doing.     There isn’t just one thing that works perfectly for everyone, so you have to be willing to try a few things. Most likely, if you are going to effectively eliminate your headaches without using drugs, your neck is where you are going to want to focus the most energy. It’s going to give you the most bang for your buck. Even if you don’t have any neck pain, most headache sufferers have a tremendous amount of muscle tension in their necks that is at least contributing to the problem. I don’t know that I have ever met a headache sufferer that didn’t have an issue with their neck. If you live with recurring headaches, it is likely you have neck issues as well.

With that in mind…here are 3 non-drug tips that will help you teach your headaches who’s boss.

  1. Improve Your Head Posture – Most people have what’s called “forward head posture” or what has more recently been dubbed “text neck.” The head is out in front of the body instead of being directly over the shoulders where it belongs. Forward head posture is the most common posture imbalance, and it causes a lot of stress to the muscles in the back of the neck. That muscle stress often causes headaches or at least, will make them worse. If you are a headache sufferer, you need to make sure you have proper head posture.
  2. Stretch Your Neck – When I say stretch your neck, I DON’T mean CRACK IT! Regularly take your neck through its normal range of motion. Stretch any muscles that feel tight or restricted. As a general rule, you should hold your stretches for 10-15 seconds. Only stretch to the point that you are comfortable. Don’t try to force your neck further than it wants to go. If you get any sharp or shooting pains, be sure to consult with a chiropractor (like me) or therapist before doing any more stretching. You don’t want to hurt yourself while trying to do something good.
  3. Get Your Neck Checked – I know what you are thinking, “Here we go…the chiropractor thinks I need to get adjusted.” You’re right…I do. Most people who have headaches could benefit from the care of a chiropractor. Spinal misalignments of the neck reeks havoc on those who are prone to headaches. I know. That was my primary problem, and I’m glad I had it taken care of. You will be too!

In Good Health,

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Dr. Cinnamon Claudio

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